The Interests

I have narrowed down some of the car brands that I am interested in. I mainly want a Subaru; either a forester or wrx. They are AWD and come with a 2.5L 4 cylinder engine. Although this type of set up will not be the best on gas mileage, I will be able to do […]

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First Behind the Wheel

Last week I had my first behind the wheel driving class. I took it with AB Driving School in Huntington Beach. The driver instructor was a very funny 70+ year old Italian man named Rolfio. Before the ride I was nervous and did not feel like I was ready, but he was able to clam […]

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My First Car

Welcome! This will be a blog about my experience of buying my first car. At the time of this post, I’m currently in my permit stage of a license. I have about 5 months to go and know what type of cars I’m interested in. I will start with the process on me getting my […]

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