Subaru WRx sti vs Mitsubishi evo lancer

I said that the Subaru wrx sti is better than the Mitsubishi evo lancer. This is because it is usually cheaper. The fully loaded option of the Evo is more expensive than the fully loaded wrx. Personally I think it looks better. Subaru is known for their “subi blue” and makes a statement whenever someone drives one. Also, it uses a more efficient boxer engine. This design of engine lower the center of gravity and allows the car to be more mobile and have a specific sound that is always tied to Subaru cars.

Perth-WRX Car Cruise NZ Charity Cruise 2011 Bryce Walker – March 27, 2011 ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

My friend said that the Evo lancer is better. He thinks this because they look better. Yes they do come with a spoiler with most people find as sporty. He also says they are faster, which they have a bigger engine, but the cars are nearly identical in power. If people tune the engines a certain way, you can adjust it so they are more powerful in certain rev ranges. Finally, he thinks that everyone knows about them better than Subaru. I completely disagree with this. Subaru is known world wide for being the #1 rally car choice.

We argued because both cars are very similar. Both cars are All Wheel Drive (although some say Subaru awd is more advanced). This means they get power to all four wheels instead of just two in the front or back. They are also both roughly $30-40k. No, they are not considered sports cars, as long you are talking about the 4 doors and not the coupes. Both brands of cars are also used commonly in the rally racing world.

We agreed that another brand of car is better. The first generation GTR (R32-Technically not the first but that is for a later post) is better or equivalent to these other models of cars. It is not AWD but the later models of the skyline are. These cars are sometimes rallied and tracked but less than Subaru and evos. The R32 also has way more power and is more more popular than either of these two models. Talk about a significant car, it is by far a monument. 

I still think the WRX is better. It is known as the king of rally, which no other car brand can replicate to a pin point. Parts between Subaru are very easily interchangeable and usually cheap than spare parts for Evos. Finally, there are much more ways to customize a Subaru then a Mitsubishi. 


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