What I plan to do to my car

Now that I have purchase a car that I like, I am now going to start to add things to it. Such as performance improvements and visual adjustments. Recently I have bought a catback exhaust for my car. This is an exhaust system that connects to the catalytic converters and goes all the way to the muffler. My specific system minimizes muffling, naturally making it louder.  It also help with better airflow and allows the engine to “breath” better. I plan to get coil overs, which lower the car and improve handling, very soon. Coil overs replace the original struts, springs, and shocks with an aftermarket part. There is an alternative to this called bags, but they are to expensive for me at this time. In the later future, I have a plan to improve the visual aspect of my car. I will put a front lip and it along with matching side skirts and possible hood scoop. These modifications don’t do much at low speeds, but will slightly affect the car at higher speeds. 


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