Trading Cars

The car that I have gotten is a great car. Its great on gas and suits my needs at the moment. Eventually I want to trade/sell this car and something closer to my dream car. That car happens to be an R32, or Nissan Skyline. 0e994bcd83b016456b9757bfd7e31869

Right now, the current car I am looking to trade for my car is called a Nissan Silvia. This car comes in three different generations; s13, s14, and s15. The most recent model (s15) is not legal in the United States due to emissions and safety regulations. The specific years I am looking for is a 1989-1995 s13. Silvia’s have 3 different sub models; zenki, kouki, and chuki. The specific sub model I am looking for is a chuki. I have liked Silvia’s quite literally all my life and have never really learned much about them until now. Before I even got into the car scene, I unknowingly put one as my cover photo on Facebook. IMG_4814.jpg  The main reason I want to get a different car is because I am getting bored of having an automatic car and are looking for something a little more fun. By fun, I obviously mean faster. For now, I think I will look for possible interests in trade and then see if one sticks out for me.


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