Trading Experiences

In my last post you can see my point of view on the interest of trading or selling the current car I have at the moment. Since then, I have contacted three different s13 240sx owners. They were all valued around $6,000-$10,000 (keep in mind I bought my car for $3800). One of the owners was not interested due to my car not having a turbocharger, and another thought the trade was too “sketchy” because I am a high school student who apparently doesn’t know what he’s doing. The final guy I offered was a different story. He had a 8.5/10 white s13 valued at $10,000+. In his advertisement on craigslist, he said he is mainly looking for trades and not a straight up purchase. This is not uncommon, but with the car he specifically had, something was fishy. I messaged him and we went back and forth about the cars and he seemed very interested, knowing my car was of less value than this. Me and my dad thought about how this could turn out. He lived about an hour and a half away from us so its not like we could drive down the street and see the car. Eventually I did some research and found out that the engine swap in his car was completely illegal and the smog papers were all photo shopped.  This was a big bummer because the time invested to learn more about his car was not worth it. I am not so sure if I am going to continue to look for more trades or just build upon my current car. More on this in future2rcmt87.jpg blog posts.


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