Kernel Writing Post

Going Against the Grain Some people think that lowering a Subaru is the wrong choice for suspension on this specific car.  This Seems to happen because lots of people who drive Subaru take them off-road. However I believe that Subaru’s can be a great street car, therefor I lowered my car. But I know people feel strongly that the street […]

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Trading Experiences

In my last post you can see my point of view on the interest of trading or selling the current car I have at the moment. Since then, I have contacted three different s13 240sx owners. They were all valued around $6,000-$10,000 (keep in mind I bought my car for $3800). One of the owners […]

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Trading Cars

The car that I have gotten is a great car. Its great on gas and suits my needs at the moment. Eventually I want to trade/sell this car and something closer to my dream car. That car happens to be an R32, or Nissan Skyline.  Right now, the current car I am looking to trade […]

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What I plan to do to my car

Now that I have purchase a car that I like, I am now going to start to add things to it. Such as performance improvements and visual adjustments. Recently I have bought a catback exhaust for my car. This is an exhaust system that connects to the catalytic converters and goes all the way to the […]

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Purchased My First Car

This past weekend I finally bought my first car. It is a silver 2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. The owner lived all the way up in San Dimas, which about an hour and a half away from my house. The price was extremely good considering the condition and the car. The car is fairly rare itself. […]

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Driving to Vegas

For this past winter break I drove from Huntington Beach CA to Las Vegas NV. The ride was about 4 hours long and was very stressful. I drove my mom’s E-150 van with most of our family belongings in it. The road conditions couldn’t have been worse. It was very windy and rained for about […]

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